Welcome to the Weatherization Installer Badges training modules! These trainings have been designed around Retrofitting Minnesota, our Standard Work Specification-Aligned Field Guide, more commonly known as the “Deck of Cards.” This series combines virtual learning with an in-person skills demonstration to be completed after each online module.

So, what are Minnesota Weatherization Installer Badges? Installer Badges are a way for Weatherization Installers to demonstrate knowledge and competency of 25 core weatherization measures. The United State Department of Energy has encouraged states to implement an installer badges program as a way for building shell crew and contractor staff to demonstrate their ability to perform the measures necessary to effectively weatherize a home. In pursuit of this aim, Minnesota Weatherization created these Installer Badges training modules to communicate the knowledge, skills and abilities needed by weatherization installers and a way for Quality Control Inspectors to verify competency in a hands-on skills demonstration. The courses were designed in concise, bite-sized portions that only take around twenty minutes each to complete. After that it’s up to you to work with a Quality Control Inspector to demonstrate your ability to perform this work out in the field. Often, you may be able to do so as part of your regular quality control inspection process.